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14 April 2008 @ 12:30
GIRL, the wedding was absolutely FAB. dani, honey, i wish you could have be there. it wasn' verybig- both families were there, and a few friends and some people from fel's work. we had it outside in my grandparents' back garden, it was a GORGEOUS day! and fel looked absoulutely magnificent. well, so did bastien ;P and wow. the whole thing was just... really perfect. i sent you the pictures and some video in your email, love- GO SEE NOW!!!!!
sac de cigarettes: [pura] beauty heat.sani on 14th April 2008 22:02 (UTC)
OMIGOD T_______T it took like seventy hours for all that to load, but I watched it... the ceremony was gorgeous! yes, I did cry >__> I wish so much I could have come! Fel looked beautiful, and hun you looked adorable as well ;) the pic with the margaritas - XDDDDDD (and is that sam next to you? HOLY SHIT HE IS SO PRETTY *o*)

I wish them all the happiness in the world; they deserve it!!! :D
JAYFACEsmash_desperado on 15th April 2008 01:06 (UTC)
lololol, yes that is my sammy- trust me he is even hotter in person than in pics. and they weren't even real margaritas, it was just juice drink with sugar, my mum is somehow imcredibly naive and won't let us near liquor (despite the fact that i work at a bar......)

i'm glad you watched it..... me ad fel both wished you could havebeen there, youve been such a good friend to us both... T___T honey am i ever going to get to meet you for real...........?
sac de cigarettes: [eddie] you equal fail.sani on 15th April 2008 02:20 (UTC)
god... it's UNFAIR... you two are both so hot together... :/

don't start that... you're gonna get me all depressed if you start blubbering >_> I would love love love to come over there... maybe I'll take a vacation and come see you for a week. after all, it's not like I'll have much longer to do such things...